Chuck Norris : Bring on The Pain (by Gameloft)

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It was supposed to be a routine mission: A rogue Soviet army was holding POWs hostage in Cambodia, and only Chuck Norris, man of action, could save them. But the stakes are raised when Chuck’s greatest enemies unite to invade and destroy America. Download the most action that can still fit on your mobile device and help Chuck save the entire free world! This time, he’s pulling no punches and unleashing his full fighting power - never before seen by anyone who lived to tell about it!

  • The official game of martial arts champ, action star, TV hero, and media phenomenon Chuck Norris!
  • A hilarious dive into the life of the legend: martial arts, denim-clad justice, and commando fights!
  • Enjoyable and simple gameplay inspired by old-school arcade beat-’em-ups.
  • Loads of enemies, including memorable bosses such as Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-il.
  • Fight with heavy weaponry or unleash furious combos, then hop on a motorcycle, car or helicopter.
  • Take pictures of your friends and turn them into the game’s enemies.