The Witcher: Crimson Trail (by Breakpoint)

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The Witcher: Crimson Trail is a fantasy role-playing game that throws players into a unique world rife with political intrigue, in which the lines between good and evil are blurred. Players take on the role of Geralt, a legendary monster slayer and master swordfighter with supernatural abilities and reflexes. With a wide range of spells and weapons at his disposal, Geralt must fight his way through hordes of creatures over 12 levels in order to prove himself worthy as a bearer of the title 'Witcher'.


Fulfil your destiny as The Witcher, renowned monster-slayerfor-hire and master swordsman with superhuman strength and reflexes. Based on the blockbuster PC game, you must battle impossible odds and complete your quest to become the greatest warrior of all time. Take on legions of monsters and mega bosses with an arsenal of weapons and spells at your fingertips. Hack and slash your way through the demonic hordes using a huge array of special moves and combos. Challenging non-linear quests allow you full freedom to carry out acts of good or evil – whatever you see fit to achieve ultimate victory.

* Stunning graphics set a new standard for mobile gaming.
* Battle through twelve huge levels and four diverse environments.
* Upgrade your magic system and customise your character for dealing out maximum monster damage.
* Deep combat with dynamic combo system and multiple weapons.
* Non-linear design lets you complete quests the way you want to.
* Three challenging game modes: Story, Replay and Arena.