Big Trouble On Little Earth (by Gamevil)

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Earth's fate is now in your hands! Lead our brash young hero to world domination! Train through a series of colorful and mind-blowing mini-games that unlock amazing power-up items needed for your mission. Invading earth has never been so fun and with you on the other side, these earthlings don’t stand a chance! One button action only, but timing is everything! 
  • Brilliant colors and graphics compliment the simplistically addictive one button game play that makes world domination this much fun!
  • The innovative timing technique in game play brings new flavor to mobile gaming!
  • Train for the ultimate invasion through 4 uniquely designed mini-games and an un-lockable one!
  • Pimp your ride! 50 items are available for you to decorate your spaceship. Show off your own personal style!
  • Send challenges to your friends through your mobile phone and see if they can beat your own score!