Angry Jellies

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Can you free the surfer from stings by tapping on the jellies before they reach the surface? As the jellyfish swarm grows thicker and faster are you quick enough to beat them and save the surfer? Challenge your friends on Facebook to find out who really is the fastest, using the inbuilt PlayerDuel system which allows you to invite friends from facebook to play against them.

DOTA 2 Giveaway

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In case you don't own Dota 2 already , now is your chance. How to win? It's pretty simple.
You'll need Steam account (obviously).


How to activate: Open your Steam client and click "Games" on the top , then choose "Activate product on Steam". Copy paste one of the codes above and there you have it!

BaBu Jump - Tiny Dino Great Adventure Bounce the World

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"Jump or Die, Save Your Life", Check out the new action game “BABU JUMP” by RabbitTank! It is definitely one of a kind in its awesome way of touch screen gameplay. A meteor crashes and creates a crazy inferno that is going to destroy the earth. Holy cow! What are we to do? Never fear, Babu is near! Babu gets around by stomping and bouncing off monster’s heads and destroying them at the same time. You can string together combos, summon amazing creatures and collect coins and trophies while saving the earth in this exciting adventure. Give Babu a hand to lay the beat down and save the world!

The Cranks: Epic Pranks

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The Cranks from Nevosoft is a great time-management arcade full of pranks and practical jokes.
The game follows a brave family, who moves to a small town called Crankyville. The local residents aren’t so thrilled about the newbies and their housewarming party.

Giveaway #11

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1x Metro 2033 steam key

Good luck!

Sparkling Poker

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Sparkling Poker has a unique gaming concept: one device (preferably an iPad) is used as a game table, while each player uses their own iOS device to play. Through bluetooth, so no internet connection is required, you can play anywhere.

Lock 'em up (by Gameloft)

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Think Fast, Move Fast ! Use your mind and reflexes to lead your creatures out of the labyrinth through the right exit. They are always on the move, If they meet each other or go to the wrong exit, you have missed this level and can try again.


Deep Space Lander

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Relive that classic retro arcade style space lander from your childhood. Maneuver your ship across the galaxy while collecting resources and returning them safely to your base. New and exciting obstacles make this a fun and addicting game from the start. Instructions: Use the on-screen controls to maneuver your ship. Collect all of the bonus crystals to unlock the landing zone. Be careful not to run out of fuel. Use your shield to protect your ship from meteors. Shields consume a large amount of fuel and can only be used every 20 seconds, so use wisely.

Chart Calendar

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Chart Calendar – Keep Track Of Your Notes, Numbers and Pictures Using Calendar
Chart Calendar is an easy-to-use and powerful app that helps you take notes, record numbers and pictures on a calendar. Improve productivity, keep track of your data and stay organized.

Aqua Dude

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AquaDude is the most bodaciously fun and addictive underwater game available on iOS or any other platform. Swim as far as possible in the deep dangerous ocean while avoiding killer obstacles in your path such as the 4-eyed megalodon sharks, supercharged electric eels, flaming torpedo piranhas, deadly blowfish and floating explosive mines

Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus

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Nevosoft introduces a great hidden object, puzzle, adventure game for the iPhone/ iPad. The game Insider Tales: The Stolen Venus offers a wide variety of searches and mini-games which will thrill detective fans! Once upon a time in a small town art gallery an unthinkable crime took place: Botticelli's famous painting "The Birth of Venus" was stolen.

Real Racing 2 (v1.13.3)

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REAL RACING 2 is here! Now, take the most hotly anticipated racing game ever made for Android for a FREE test drive. Once you get a taste of the adrenaline-fueled action, UPGRADE to get the total experience. Race away with 30 high-performance cars, 15 awesome locations, and an immersive Career mode!

Dexter the Game 2 (v1.06)

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Dexter the Game 2 - Based on the hit original TV series Dexter, play as Dexter Morgan in an open-world Miami. Investigate crime scenes as a blood spatter expert for the Miami police, stalk suspected killers, and unleash Dexter’s Dark Passenger on the lowlife criminals who have evaded the reach of the law.

Cut The Rope HD (v2.0.1)

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Download Cut the Rope for Android
As promised for Friday release, the most demanded and award-winning Cut the Rope for Android is now avialable from ZeptoLab. Cut the rope is another popular game title can be compare to Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Plants vs. Zombies. We thought it would be Amazon Appstore to get Cut the Rope exclusively but it’s turn out another popular Free applications download service for mobile platform Getjar got it.

Aggro Cubes - Game Review

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Aggro Cubes is brilliant new concept and unique idea bringing a fun game to the iPhone, iPod and iPad.The game features HD graphics, an Angry Birds style menus system and graphical feel, and an excellent addictive game with many many levels.The concept of the game is to try and make the red cubes fall from the platform by manipulating the other cubes on the screen.

McPixel (v1.0.7)

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Saving the day the McPixel way!
McPixel is a save-the-day guy that you guide through short challenges in an oldschool point'n'click fashion.The goal in each challenge is to prevent stuff from blowing up using available tools!You have only 20 seconds to save the day! Think quick!


TV Show King (by Gameloft)

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Confront friends and family in a TV quiz game show! Let your Mii™ try to answer fun and challenging trivia questions, from the classics to original stumpers, spanning history, geography, literature, science, sports, and entertainment! For an extra challenge, use your Wii Remote™ in original ways.
Make it to the finals and see who can win the greatest amount of cash in one final, deciding duel. TV Show King will challenge your brain! Now, get ready... get set... and go play TV Show King! 


Assassin's Creed ® III (by Gameloft)

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After years of conflict, the 13 American colonies and Britain are on the brink of all-out war. Out of the embers of his burning village, a new assassin will rise. Play as Connor, born of Mohawk and British descent, and fight for freedom and justice. Eliminate your foes with an expanded arsenal of weaponry including the tomahawk and the signature assassin’s blade. Explore different levels where you’ll participate in amazing naval battles and travel to different cities including New York & Boston.

  • A brand new story taking place during the American Revolution in the late 18th century.
  • Play as Connor, a Native American whose tribe and homeland were destroyed by settlers.
  • Perform various assassination moves and tricks depending on how you assault your target.
  • Eliminate your foes with an expanded arsenal including the tomahawk and the assassin’s blade.
  • Gameplay mixing side-scrolling adventure, fast top-down action and thrilling chase sequences.
  • Experience 9 levels including naval battles for a new gaming experience.


Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow (by Konami)

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A continuation of a hit role-playing game about vampires! A huge number of weapons, spells and possibilities, and also unique role elements elevate this game to the level of one of the best mobile RPG. Magnificent graphics in manga-style and special effects, gloomy atmosphere of an ancient castle and stunning with their size bosses - all this is waiting for fans of the genre of gothic horror! 

The Oregon Trail : American Settler (by Gameloft)

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You’ve conquered the trail, now it’s time to tame the frontier! In this continuation of The Oregon Trail story, you and your family can finally settle down and build a new home. But that’s where the real adventure begins! Place buildings, crops, livestock and more to make a truly unique village, but prepare for unexpected dangers like wild buffalo stampedes or hurricanes. Gather supplies by playing fun hunting and fishing mini-games. Chat with villagers to get quests along with some true historic facts; you may even run into some famous names from history! Share the fun with friends by trading gifts and visiting each other’s towns.
  • A new adventure gathering features you loved from the original “The Oregon Trail” plus great new ones from this brand new game!
  • Create your own personalized frontier village by adding buildings, livestock, crops and taking care of your people’s happiness.
  • Meet up with some of the most important figures in history, or have a quick chat with your townsfolk to uncover quests and some fascinating true bits of history.
  • Random events, from stampedes to hurricanes, will challenge you to protect your villagers. It’s up to you to make the right decisions.
  • Play fun mini-games to hunt or fish and stockpile supplies for your village to get you through even the toughest of times.

Lili™ (v1.2)

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Lili is a quirky adventure RPG hybrid with stunning visuals, silky-smooth graphics and a cinematic storyline. Tuned for new devices, Lili is one of the most visually-stunning games available on iOS.
On the mysterious island of Geos, Lili will meet a number of hilarious locals, explore beautiful environments, solve some puzzles, and even challenge an oppressive regime or two along her way. Lili uses an amusing "non-combat" system for dealing with enemies, and sorts out a few personal issues along the way.

Jaw-dropping console quality 3D visuals
Support for new larger screens
Full Retina support
Innovative controls designed specifically for touch devices
Free roaming RPG world
Hilarious story, characters, and quests
Whimsical gameplay, appropriate for nearly anyone
Loads of items and outfits to collect and upgrade
Difficulty option specifically for kids

borncash - 384.9 MB
letitbit - 384.9 MB
startfiles - 384.9 MB
goldfiles - 384.9 MB
narod - 384.9 MB

Memory Core: System Override (by SUM Interactive)

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★★ Simple yet challenging addictive puzzle memory game! ★★

Come see what the hype is about, for FREE! Welcome to the Memory Core Universe, where technology rules. Your mission is to hack into the most secure system in the world and bring it down! With the help of your digital assistant Andi, you will repeat complicated colored sequences to bypass 10 firewalls and be known as one of the greatest freelance hackers ever!Take the lead on Game Center Leaderboards and share your fame and fortune with full Twitter integration.

Build Fame! Unleash power ups and crumble the Memory Core’s defenses then post your tale of domination on Twitter!Gain Fortune! Delete blocks and earn mega bonus stars to use in the Star Store on items, upgrades, styles, and additional game modes that will earn you even MORE stars! Or get the best of BOTH by wrecking the System and upgrading your tools! Do it in style by unlocking hot new looks for Andi, you’re digital assistant.

★★ Weekly sales! Each weekend there is a 50% off sale in the Star Store!
★★ Gorgeous futuristic art style!
★★ High-resolution graphics optimized for Apple Retina Display!
★★ Captivating sound and music!
★★ Game Center Leaderboards!
★★ Earn bonus stars by posting your score to Twitter!
★★ Challenge your Game Center friends to beat your highest score!
★★ Multiple game modes with new challenges and BIGGER REWARDS!
★★ Highly addicting play that gets harder and harder each turn!
★★ Over 20 styles to unlock with more added all the time!
★★ Get free game modes for life with the “Grant Access” pack!
★★ Earn mega points though multipliers that grow with your skill!
★★ Supported on all devices running iOS 5 and higher!
Memory Core: System Override (In App Purchases Include):
★★ Grant Access – Removes Ads, Unlocks ALL Game Modes for Life, and 2 Exclusive Styles!
★★ Star Replicator – All stars earned or purchased are worth DOUBLE!
★★ Small Pack of Stars – Pick up 500 stars (or 1000 if you have the replicator!)
★★ Large Pack of Stars – Pick up 1500 stars (or 3000 if you have the replicator!)

Chuck Norris : Bring on The Pain (by Gameloft)

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It was supposed to be a routine mission: A rogue Soviet army was holding POWs hostage in Cambodia, and only Chuck Norris, man of action, could save them. But the stakes are raised when Chuck’s greatest enemies unite to invade and destroy America. Download the most action that can still fit on your mobile device and help Chuck save the entire free world! This time, he’s pulling no punches and unleashing his full fighting power - never before seen by anyone who lived to tell about it!

  • The official game of martial arts champ, action star, TV hero, and media phenomenon Chuck Norris!
  • A hilarious dive into the life of the legend: martial arts, denim-clad justice, and commando fights!
  • Enjoyable and simple gameplay inspired by old-school arcade beat-’em-ups.
  • Loads of enemies, including memorable bosses such as Fidel Castro and Kim Jong-il.
  • Fight with heavy weaponry or unleash furious combos, then hop on a motorcycle, car or helicopter.
  • Take pictures of your friends and turn them into the game’s enemies.


Giveaway #10

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MOAR Darksiders II DLC's!!!

Good luck!

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